Threats of breaches and cybersecurity attacks are growing rapidly for businesses of all sizes and industries.  Although you hope to avoid a breach, that's not enough; action must be taken to strengthen your cybersecurity program to lower risks.

AXIOTROP supports small and medium sized businesses navigate their way through their cybersecurity regulations and reduce their risk. Our scalable approach ensures compliance and strengthens your cybersecurity maturity posture. We know you don't have unlimited resources so we develop a bite-sized, digestible road map to improve your cybersecurity program. 

Our approach and methodology are based on the NIST SP 800 security framework. This framework is widely used across many industries and is steeped in government recommended best practices.

CMMC Registered Provider Organization

As the orange CMMC badge attests, AXIOTROP has achieved the “Registered Provider Organization” (RPO) status from the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification Accreditation Body. This demonstrates our organizational knowledge of NIST SP 800-171 the U.S. government standard for companies tied to government contracts. This special publication provides the framework for assessing cybersecurity systems. Let us help your team on its CMMC journey.


Who We Serve

AXIOTROP can support your cybersecurity compliance needs as your engineering partner or provide audit support as a trusted third party assessor.


Your company needs to build or expand a cybersecurity program to meet industry best practices or regulations.

AXIOTROP works closely with your leadership team to ensure cybersecurity compliance becomes a business advantage for your organization!

AXIOTROP can guide you through a scalable, prioritized roadmap to get you where you need to be.

Third Party Assessor

Many clients are required to have an independent third party assessment or audit completed on a regular basis. AXIOTROP provides scalable assessments to meet your regulatory periodic assessment needs.

Quality Assurance

With decades of cybersecurity compliance engineering experience, we support regulated industries – Healthcare and Department of Defense to mention two. This niche approach assures our clients of the highest level of expertise and quality of service. Additionally, since our industries’ regulations are rooted in the NIST SP 800 cybersecurity publications, we have become NIST SP 800 subject matter experts with expertise dating back to 2004.