Our Services

AXIOTROP is a Cybersecurity Compliance Firm offering clients leading services in assessment, remediation, and validation to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their regulated information. The best time to schedule a cybersecurity assessment is before something bad happens. Whether you are new to regulations or have been at it for years, AXIOTROP can help you comply with regulations, reduce the gaps in your security program, and improve your cybersecurity compliance posture. Now is the time to schedule your consultation!

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AXIOTROP offers scalable assessment options to best suit your needs. Our team of cybersecurity assessment professionals will review your security documentation, data flows, infrastructure/network, applications vulnerabilities, and access your crypto standards. Our deliverables will include an itemized NIST SP 800-171 scoring report, a data flow diagram, network map, a technology implementation plan, and a roadmap to regulatory compliance.

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Once we have a technology implementation plan and your roadmap to compliance, we begin the remediation process. We guide you through a prioritized plan of technology upgrades, security control implementation, system security plan (SSP) documentation, and training. Our scalable remediation approach allows you to move forward at the expense and time commitment rate that matches your needs.

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AXIOTROP's validation service provides you with the assurance that your cybersecurity program, including your SSP and remediation efforts are in compliance and ready for third party audit. Our proprietary compliance software tracks your requirements, documented SSP, and objective compliance evidence to put your auditor at ease right from the start.


Our Approach

Our approach is based on the NIST SP 800 security framework, which is widely used and is steeped in government recommended best practices. Whatever your level of need, AXIOTROP can support your cybersecurity compliance as your engineering partner or provide audit support as a third party assessor.

AXIOTROP has achieved the “Registered Provider Organization” (RPO) status from the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification Accreditation Body. This demonstrates our organizational knowledge of NIST SP 800.